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Our Story

Founded in 2018 by Entrepreneur LaKisha Patterson, Shop AnonyMe Bath and Body Care is quickly becoming a go-to choice for hand-made products

amid a growing Midwest client base.


As an independent individual, I believe people need to start making themselves feel special. You own your body, No one can love on it like you. No-one does anything for themselves anymore because they want to, it is either because someone is treating them to a service or planned around a holiday or celebration. You don’t need to have a prom around the corner, or an occasion to attend before you give your body a treat.


Beauty lies in each and every one of us, but sometimes it needs to be nudged a little, so it can blossom – just like a flower. It is on this premise that I started Shop AnonyMe.


Our skin is not only our largest sensory organ. It is the page on which our life story is written. Through the skin, we perceive and feel the outside world and we also show our beauty in the appearance of our skin. The outward appearance reflects the age, vital energy, emotional balance and mental health of each individual. Intense stimulation, stress, nervousness or hormonal fluctuations make our skin sensitive as the body loses its natural balance.


A bath is one of the highest forms of meditation. The herbs and essential oils I use all hold spiritual or healing properties, so every soak or product made is specific in speaking to the universe. After the worst or even the best day, a luxurious bath routine or skin routine could be the answer.


The healing properties contained in herbs and EO's and released from the water can help balance your mood, calm your mind, relieve muscle and joint pains, open pores, soften skin and promote restful sleep. While the soothing properties of herbs fills the air with pleasing aroma, healing your soul, smoothens your skin and providing an all in one aromatherapy. 

Hand-made products for health and vitality, tailored to the needs of each individual: this is the philosophy behind Shop AnonyMe's cosmetics and holistic personal care products. Since the start of this business, Shop AnonyMe products have been working to strengthen the balance of body, mind and soul.

Understanding the harmonious connection between man and nature makes Shop AnonyMe personal care products unique. If you use a Shop AnonyMe product, you can see it, feel it, and smell it yourself. Our specifically sourced ingredients support natural processes in the body and promote inner balance. They improve your body's ability to nurture and heal by itself.

The slogan, “You are the Occasion” is a way of saying that every day, you deserve this. So stop looking for excuses not to heal. Take your time, take a hot bath of aromatic or therapeutic herbs, light candles, play music and relax. It can be the only perfect remedy.

Using the finest ingredients, Shop AnonyMe creates experiences that excite the senses, enhance your overall wellness, and encourages the embracing of self-care.

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